Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your InReachHUB & Social Media

These days, everyone is on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+... even Myspace is making a comeback.  People want to be connected at all times and some will use multiple websites to do so. Odds are, you are reading this because saw a link in your news feed, twitter feed or it popped up as a suggestion in your Google Reader. Some feel that constant posts from businesses or organizations can clog up their feed but what they don't realize is that they are helping those businesses just by seeing and clicking on those links. We, as marketers, use those clicks and Likes and retweets to very specifically calculate how well our advertising campaigns are doing and what we need to change.

Social Media websites have become the LARGEST outlet for advertising and marketing in the world but you'd be surprised how many companies are not aware of the potential. Sure, there will always be television, radio and print advertising but, let's face it, pretty much everyone is logged on & queued in to the internet. Twitter has, to date, over 500 million active accounts, but to be fair, only about a third of those are real living, breathing tweeters, while the rest can be attributed to spammers and robots. Regardless, that's still approximately 150 million people that you could potentially expose to your business. And with over 1 billion users on Facebook alone, how many more people can you reach? The exponential possibilities are truly endless.

However, you don't want to find yourself sucked into an hours-long social media session, only to realize you really didn't get much done. Manage your time right; here are some helpful tips. Now, here's where InReachHUB comes in. With your InReachHUB site, you can add the links to your profiles on the home page so no matter what social media site your customers are using, they can always find you. Also, there is the Updates page, where you can, just like Facebook and Twitter, post a status update and it will automatically sync with your social media pages. Why have multiple tabs open in your browser and retype the same information over and over? Do it once and you're done. Your customers will be constantly connected to you and you will also be able to determine what type of content attracts people and from where they are looking. That sounds like a triple win for you! Man, the internet is an amazing tool, don't you agree? 

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  1. I completely agree with you Sarah, social media has becoming a core part in today's business and firms are always into trying to stay in touch with their old customers or are targeting new customers. Thanks for sharing such an interesting blog post.
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